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Hello from Louisiana!

Michael W

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I'm very happy to have found this group! My name is Michael and I've been hiking/camping/backpacking for many years. Most of my trips are with good friends and usually last 2 or 3 days. At least once a year I try to get in a full week somewhere in the backcountry. I've been to a few sections in and around the Smoky Mountains. Alabama has some great areas for long weekends. I've also done a couple of long trips in New Mexico and Mt. Rainier. I've been trying to get a backcountry permit for Grand Canyon, but haven't had any luck winning that lottery. Other big future goals include the Timberline Trail at Mt. Hood, Glacier National Park, Catalina Island, Seven Lakes/High Divide and a few others. The Northern Loop/Wonderland Trail has been by far my favorite trip. I like to camp using my hammock system as often as possible, but I still use a tent when the trip calls for it. A lot of my gear I've made myself (thanks Dutch!) and I also prepare all of my meals and snacks by dehydration. I hope to connect with some of you who are interested in having a guest from way down south tag along on a trip. If its's one thing I've learned about planning trips is that it's a small miracle to get 3 or 4 buddies to be able to take off of work all at the same time. I look forward to perhaps getting to know some of you and swap some good trail info. I think the online TrailGroove magazine is so much better than my old Backpacker subscription and look forward to the great stories and photos. Cheers!!

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