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Trail Tip 49: Off-season Cabin Camping

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Winter presents dedicated backpackers with several challenges that aren’t easily remedied. From snowed-in access roads, to severe weather, to limited daylight and the need for skis or snowshoes to travel the trails – backpacking in winter simply takes more time, preparation, and gear than in the other seasons. One solution is to simply head south and backpack in places that have mild winters. And some backpackers just sit winter out entirely. One of the most common complaints about winter backpacking is the limited daylight and the time spent in a tent. While there’s nothing that can be done about daylight (other than waiting until spring), there are a few options for avoiding being confined to a tent – the best of which that I’ve found...

In our latest issue, @Mark Wetherington shares this trail tip on how to experience the backcountry during winter with a little more comfort than a tent can offer - take a look at the article below in Issue 49:

Trail Tip 49: Winter Cabin Camping

Trail Tip 49- Backcountry Winter Cabin Camping

Issue 49 Page 1

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