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Cold weather pad


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I’m new to Air pads. I started w an r4.4 and I returned it cause of cold spots thru my bag at the pressure points. And got an r5.2. Still cold spots. 

It’s 3 degrees out.  my 0 bag was Plenty warm except for the pressure points.  

Does the pad take time to warm up? Is that just the way they are in the real cold? Or should I get another diff one?

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Hey Matt,

I find that going with an insulated air pad alone at those temperatures can be tough - as I always get cold spots where my body compresses the air pad. For winter camping my total r-value for sleeping pads is over 6 (and I take this below 0), but I get there by taking my normal 3 season sleeping pad and adding in an old Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest Deluxe but you can of course come up with your own foam pad to air pad combo.

Used this way, I can inflate my air pad at a comfortable level but still have insulation anywhere I might compress the pad. Also, I have a workable backup if my air pad has any issues which I feel is important at those temps.

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I have also used a combo of air mattress and closed cell pad in winter temps for many years and found it to be the best way to sleep comfortably in such conditions.

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Michael aka Mac

Another thing you can do is place a Mylar solar blanket over your sleeping pad. The solar blanket will reflect up to 90 % of your heat back to you. You can also put it under the pad making it less as effective but far less noisy.

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