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Any WV hikers wanna share your Secret places?


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Okay, I know I tell mine, you tell yours.

Mine is probably not so much a secret anymore. I really dig the "canyon rim" trail in the Roaring Plains West Wilderness. It is pretty much unofficial, but the scenery is totally in your face most every step of it. There are several campsites. One near the trails "official" beginning along the pipeline is way sweet. Another one is about 2ish miles up the trail is awesome. And I have hung my hammock in some nice spruces near the second campsite. The only water source is Roaring Creek, so this is a good water up place. A good link that will get a pretty nice map for you is: http://www.midatlantichikes.com/id121.html

The trail has seen some recent "maintenance", so it is pretty decent.

Okay, your turn!

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I like the Tea Creek area with it's veried trails. The longest is a 20 miler with lots of views on the Gauley mountain trail. There's a few shelters spread thurout. Right now the trees are turning and the views are beautyful. Makes life worth living. No crowds to borther you. It's a great place to spend a weekend.

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All right. I will share another nice hike with you folks. Not a secret, but not many people do it. Easy to follow, yah can't get lost (I hope). The beauty is surprising and there are several places to have a nice camp for the evening (please use leave no trace so everyone can enjoy in the future).

Place: Dolly Sods Wilderness (yes, I know it has become the place-of-extreme-crowding on weekends).

Hike: Tolerate the crowds out Blackbird knob trail to Red Creek Trail. Then head down to the forks of Red Creek.

Now for the goods: Hike up either fork, left or right, back to Blackbird knob trail. I recommend the left fork.

You will see few people, if any. The scenery is very nice and sometimes unexpectedly so.

Other info: Do not do this hike unless the water is low and no intense rain is expected, because most of your route is in the water. Take a waterproof camera if you have one, since some of the beauty is near or below the water surface. Use sturdy shoes or sandals, take a fly rod. You will see meadows, huge blow-down trees, large rocks, nice fishing or swimming pools, side streams, different colored rocks, etc. Take your time; the going is rougher and will take you a lot longer than you think.

Most importantly, enjoy being off the beaten path.

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Thanks for an actual firsthand account of following the Left Fork. I've been wanting to do that for some time and having done more of DS than most people I appreciate the input. Oh, you know who I am (via Tracy).

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Try the many trail options in Otter Creek Wilderness Area . It runs from the Elkins area to Parsons , Wv . I think you will be pleasantly surprised .


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