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Looking for suggestions on good hydration bags. I'm in Canada so Looking for something not too pricey. Mid price range. Any suggestions.



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Aaron Zagrodnick

Hey Pat,

I'm a fan of the Platypus Hoser series (I use the 3L) for a hydration reservoir. I'm not sure if you're looking for a pack with hydration integrated in, but I just use whatever daypack or backpacking pack I might be inclined to utilize and throw the Hoser system in.

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We use bottles, not bladders.  But in years past we've used Gatorade and recycled soda bottles.  Good for weight, good for recycling...not so great for the consumer economy.  But what the heck. 

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Michael aka Mac

I use a military canteen and i also use a bladder.  I find that at times it is easier to fill the canteen then bladder and i can use the canteen to fill the bladder. My canteen i can also boil water in and the canteen cup can also be used to cook food in so serves an additional purpose so i don't mind it

When i am using my pump water filtration system filling either is not an issue so depends where you are getting your water from.

Aluminum canteens are lighter then the stainless steel ones but can dent easier. And definitely get one with a cup and a lid for cup.

Amazon.com has a leak proof 2L bladder for ~$13 US currency

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