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quick camping/hiking trip up poudre canyon


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i took another trip with the girlfriend up in poudre canyon today. we camped last night along the south fork of the poudre river. since she came with me for this trip, i could use her camera since she killed my camera after my last trip with her to canyonlands :P


we hiked into the Comanche peak wilderness from the fish creek trail head. it was very pretty without much snow at all, which is kinda scary since it had waist deep snow everywhere in February.




Along the trail, i found a huge moose antler. i have never found a complete moose antler before, so i had to keep it and pack it out


near the high point of our hike around 8700 feet, we finally started seeing some snow, which gave the puppies something to play in.


by the end of the trip, we had some exhausted puppies.



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Aaron Zagrodnick

That antler is very impressive! From the looks of the ground behind you in that picture, it seems as though they may be frequent visitors to that particular area... :D

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