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Ice Caves of the Shawangunk Ridge

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Nestled deep in the Shawangunk Ridge on the extreme western periphery of New York’s Hudson Valley lies one of the least known, but most wild and adventure-laden hikes in the region. “The Ellenville Ice Caves” as they have come to be known over the years cannot be compared to anything else around. The surrounding Hudson Highlands, which are universally popular with locals and tourists alike, for providing visitors with craggy views from dizzying heights from such mountains as “Breakneck Ridge” and “Storm King,” is a tier below the experience the “Ice Caves” will offer. It requires a certain finesse not only to find them on the talus-filled slopes, but to navigate through the steep and claustrophobic passages.

Mike Adamovic takes us to this interesting New York destination, find the full story below in Issue 13:

The Ice Caves of the Shawangunk Ridge

Issue 13 Page 1

Hiking to the Ice Caves of Shawangunk Ridge New York

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Great write-up on the ice caves. I have been hiking the Catskills the past 30 years and never heard of this place. Looks really interesting. This will definitely be on my "to do" list this summer. Thanks for the "heads-up".

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Thank you for this article, my wife and I hiked the caves and Verkeerderkill Falls on the way to VT a couple of weeks ago! This was a great article, we just had to check it out!




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