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Anyone been to Kaibab National Forest?


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looking at this as a definite possibility this year and have a few questions I hope someone can answer from experience.

First and most importantly, given the location, is this a pack your own water type trip or are there some water holes available on the trails?  From what I am seeing doing online research, it appears that water holes are pretty scarce.

Also, when is the best time of year to balance temperatures and crowds?  Am thinking of doing this in the fall as I am not a fan of packing in 110 degree heat on a trail where you have to carry your own water :)

if anyone has any experience in this park, please let me know.


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The North Rim is higher than the South Rim.  It is relatively cool and damp compared to the rest of Arizona.  A National Forest is a not a park.  You may be able to find some water tanks built for cattle.  Use a water filter to treat the water.  There are summer thunderstorms.  It a beautiful place and the fall is perfect but cold at night. 

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