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Trail Tip 13: First Aid Kits

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

First aid kits can be a sensitive subject. What you need may vary based on your health and how much you have educated yourself on backcountry medicine. Formal medical care may be hours or days away depending on where you are traveling to, so packing an appropriate kit and knowing how use it is key. For a longer trip or a larger group, quantities of first aid supplies may need to be increased, and restocking your kit before trips is also very important. There are many kits out there, and building one instead of buying one may seem difficult, but knowing what is in your kit can keep the weight down while fully covering your needs.

Ted Ehrlich breaks down first aid kits and philosophy below in Issue 13:

Trail Tip 13: First Aid Kits

Issue 13 Page 1

Backpacking and Hiking First Aid Kit

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