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FYI experience with the new 3L HydraPak.  Failed me early on.


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Just an FYI experience with the new 3L HydraPak.  Failed me early on with no abuse or rough handling.

Sprung a leak within a mile of the backpack trip!  At the location, when you first look at it, you suspect might be its weak spot.  Up at Pictured Rocks North Country trail doing the 40 mile backpack.  Within first mile I feel water dripping down my leg.  Take pack off and discover the HydraPak 3L was leaking.  See picture.  Discouraging because shuttle dropped me off and was gone, I had 40 miles to go over 3 days.  Couldn't fill the HydrPak more than 2/3 full because the hiking motion of the pack and pocket it was in forced water out the hole.  Not happy.  It could be wondered, were you rough on it?  I really don't think so.  It was deep in the middle of my pack unfilled until day of the hike, where it was filled, put in my backpack water side pocket.  Took the hour shuttle ride to trailhead, backpack sitting upright, so no abuse to the HydraPak. I tried to seal it with a repair patch and glue but no luck.  Definitely wouldn't trust it ever again - esp. not rely on it.


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