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Sunrise Summits

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Aaron Zagrodnick

While there’s something to be said for conversation and company on the trail, many times it’s solitude that I’m after. Some of my favorite hikes over the years often serve as a form of an after work therapy session on the trail. However, finding solitude isn’t always easy. During busy times, a quick hike can involve a battle for a parking spot at the trailhead as we all seek to find our fix on the trail. And on busy trails the sounds of nature can even begin to be replaced with the sounds of conversation; with thoughts that are often interrupted as we all stop to allow each other to pass. In my own effort the find solitude I thought my only option would be to resort to calling in sick to dodge the rush hour. But then it dawned on me – no pun intended – that the trail is always there, but it’s not always crowded. Rather than continue my normal post-work hiking routine, I decided to target a different time of the day: sunrise. Sunrise hikes are different. The alarm goes off and the first doubt...

@jansenjournals shares this essay on sunrise hikes - take a look at the full article in Issue 51:

Sunrise Summits

Sunrise Hikes

Issue 51 Page 1

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