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Shoes for hiking in Hawaii

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Hi. I’m looking for recommendations for hiking shoes in Hawaii. The trails I plan to go on are all low to average difficulty. But some of them have steep sections and many of them can be muddy at times. (The Lanikai Pillbox hike, hiking to Pihea Vista, etc.) My main concern is that they have excellent traction for muddy trails. In the past, I’ve been hiking there with just standard runners and it’s been fantastic until I run into trails that are slick or muddy after some rain.

I’m not doing heavy-duty hiking - I'm just an amateur. Probably just 2-4 hours a day for a week or two. I’m just looking for shoes that are comfortable, not hot (since it’s Hawaii), but most of all that have excellent traction in different terrains, including mud.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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