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AT Section Hike Ideas (Help me Decide!)


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SO I have decided that I want to try part of the AT. Unfortunately I would really love to try the whole hike but unless I have a million dollars or a great sponsor, I still have family and other responsibilities to think of. With that I am deteremined to at least try for a 20 - 25 day section hike!

My only problem is......"What section should I hike?"

I am open to your suggestions but please keep in mind I am looking for a balance between easy on trail to easy off trail (Meaning how to get there and back to NY) and of course with the mix of pure AWESOME trail secenry!

Please feel free to give me ANY advice! I am starting to plan this for possibly next year so that I can save money and I am in the process or possibly retiring from the Army!

Thanks for taking the time to read and leave your comments!


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Personally, I would so from the south. It is a VERY exciting time to be in the opening wave. The hostels are in full swing, the weather flows from hot to cold, the people are just crazy happy, and parties or festivities are high. Trail magic will be all over the place. I would start my hike to end the last few days at TRAIL DAYS in Damascus. That is probably the best BEST advice I could give anyone with your timeline.

Be safe, and hike happy!

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What time of year are you planning on going? Spring or fall I'd probably do something further south than July/August. I'm looking to do a ~7 day section this year and am debating with the same thing. I always do something over my birthday week in early August - if it's not forecast to be stupid hot I'll be doing something ending in Erwin TN where a friend recommended the local outfitter for a shuttle and bed at the end. If it's too hot/humid I'll look north.


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it all depends upon time of year. there are some beautiful sections in the northeast if you're planning on august or later, sobo from mass back to ny is one idea.nh and maine are beautiful, but also tough . i've got a new website appalachiantrailcafe.net with some AT veterans that can give you plenty of suggestions.check us out.

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