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Suitable national park for disabled


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Hey there!

I have a bad knee, no driver license and a strict economy. This means that when I go to a national park for trekking, it must fulfill some requirements:

1) A good number of easy hikes (max. 100 m elevation) not exceeding 10 km.

2) Good public transportation

3) Not too expensive. (US$15 - 35 pr. night). 

Any recommendations for national parks in Europe? Currently looking at Tatra National park in Poland - anyone been there?

Best regards

Morten Christensen

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Michael aka Mac

Well my 1st choice would have been Switzerland, but due to elevation and the extremely high prices for lodging, food, & transportation that one got nixed.

I found that the Netherlands had beautiful hiking venues, and both the cost of food and housing is quite reasonable, especially if you go the Hostel or boat rental route.  Netherlands are known for their beautiful tulips, but are also abundant with daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses.  Your hikes will encounter wildlife, picturesque views of the wilderness,  and elevation shouldn't be an issue, unlike the Swiss route.

I should also note that the people there are very friendly.

Here is a link 


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