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Issue 51 Released

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Issue 51 of TrailGroove Magazine is now available! Click the preceding link or the cover below to take a look:

TrailGroove Magazine Issue 51.jpg

In This Issue:

Jargon: Cryptobiotic Soil

Trail News

Trail Tip: Shoelace Loops

Ventana Wilderness

The Buffalo River Trail

Altra Lone Peak Hiker Review

Gear Mash

Trail Mac & Cheese

Sunrise Summits

Backpacking with Kids: The Early Years

150 pages dedicated to backpacking and hiking. Special thanks to all of our readers and contributors for your support and contributions towards the latest issue! If it's your first time viewing the magazine, we suggest starting on Page 1 for online viewing tips and tricks. Prefer to view the magazine in high definition or save it and view it offline? Our HD PDF is also available individually or included with a Premium Membership. Your input is highly appreciated. Let us know what you thought about Issue 51 here on the TrailGroove Forum, or contact us anytime. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for Issue 52, due out this summer.

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I enjoyed the Ventana Wilderness article. I'm local and help work on the trails. It's been such a mess lately with all the overgrown trails and access points that are not accessible. The best parts of the Ventana I've seen lately were when I was on a trail crew and got to drive to areas closed to the public. The few places were there are decent trails easy to get to have been overrun with noobs who don't know what to do with their trash and toilet paper, and think they have the inalienable right to build campfires when they are not allowed and are a horrible idea.

But there is plenty of beauty and adventure for the tough and the brave. Come with a clue, and try not to burn it down again.

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