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Backpacking the Eagle Rock Loop

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I wince with every step as I cross the river. Bare feet had seemed like a good idea. But now, after too many crossings to count, my soles feel the pain. I grip my trekking poles for stability against the current and tread cautiously on the slick stones, picking my way to the other side. The river glitters in the late afternoon sun. ..Before attempting this crossing, we had bushwhacked away from the last vestiges of trail. Scrambling through brush to the stream bank, we sought some visual indicator of direction, but found only the sight of another wet crossing. Our scouts report no sign of the trail as I dry my feet and don footwear. Standing up, I look around and finally give in to the reality I dread:

“Okay, I think we’re lost.”

@Susan Dragoo takes us backpacking along this scenic Arkansas loop, check out the full article below in Issue 14:

The Elusive Eagle Rock Loop

Issue 14 Page 1

Backpacking the Eagle Rock Loop, Arkansas

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Great story Susan! I hike this trail a lot as it's the closest good hiking to my home in TX. Here's a great website a good friend has put together. It has all the information anyone could ever want about ERL http://www.duprephotography.com/ERL/index.html Anytime you'd like to come back for another trip let me know.


I got a chance to check out your friends website on the Eagle Rock Loop. Very well done with excellent maps, virtual tour, and even water crossings. Very well done indeed, great work!! Don't know when I might ever get back, but if I do I'll use this info for the hike.

Gary M

Olathe, Kansas

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