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Hiking in Death Valley National Park

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

If I were forced to choose one word to describe this park, I’d be tempted to use ‘beautiful’, or ‘majestic’, but I’d ultimately choose ‘mysterious’, and that’s why I’m drawn to it. Every direction you look contains something worth exploring, discovering. There are ruins of mines and boom towns scattered all over the park. There are many roads that aren’t on your map. Where do they go? Can my truck handle it? What if I get stuck? There are canyons tucked away in the dark mountainsides. What treasures will they reveal to the curious adventurer? Impossible beauty tinged with ever present danger. It’s just too much fun to explore.

Sean Sparbanie takes us through Death Valley in story and photography below in Issue 14:

Desert Gold: Photographing and Hiking in Death Valley National Park

Issue 14 Page 1

Hiking in Death Valley National Park

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