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Trekking (Hiking) Poles Survey


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I'm a graduate student from the University of Minnesota working on a marketing project involving hiking. More specifically, my team and I are interested in learning about beliefs and opinions regarding the use of trekking (hiking) poles. If you'd be willing to take about 5-10 minutes of your time to complete a short survey, we would greatly appreciate it!

Trekking (Hiking) Pole Survey

I am happy to answer any questions you may have, and any feedback is welcome!

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The survey is asking how much more I would enjoy hiking if I had poles, well. I already have poles and love them, so can't factually answer that question to continue the survey. Then I am asked how likely will it be that I buy a pair next year. I received a pair of Black Diamond Z Poles Ultra Distance two Christmases ago, so have no plans to buy more. I LOVE MY POLES. Sorry I can't complete the survey.

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Very nice work on putting together the hiking pole survey. I can see your time spent at the University was well spent!

I completed the survey,but forgot to indicate a suggestion, that is....just how often is a particular hiker actually using hiking poles? Just last year I bought a nice pair of Leki poles at a discounted, close out price. The issue with me is...... I seldom use them. That's why I never bought a pair before.

I live and mainly hike in a different terrain than most TrailGroove readers in that it is almost totally rolling hills or just plain flat. Nothing compared with Utah, etc. So hiking poles are something I don't feel a real need for except if I want to go hiking in the snow.

Good work with the survey, I hope you'll be able to share some of the results with us. I would be interested to see similar research results on tents, shoes, ...............heck, even trails.

Gary M

Olathe, Kansas

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Hiking is a very general term. I tend to use poles more for backpacking than hiking, unless the terrain is very hilly or particularly lending to trekking poles.

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