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Nearly 270 children in Providence House Homeless shelters do not have a present to open this X-Mas

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

I was recently on Craigslist and saw a post addressed to Santa asking for a gift for a homeless woman's 8 year old child.  This post made me wonder how many homeless children are there in NYC.  I called several Homeless shelters with no luck (covid era) so I decided to call NYPD 1st Precinct and spoke to an officer that directed me to Providence House  a series of shelter locations that had families with children .

I immediately called the  Providence House and found that they had approximately 270 children being housed at their shelters.  Being only one person I cannot help 270 children to get a gift for Christmas or Hanukkah but if I could at least start a concept, where my actions may inspire others to follow suit, then just maybe this Holliday season another homeless child can have something to look forward to and put a smile on their face.

I know it may seem  unheard of to be asked to help  children that are not even in your own state,  what you may not know is that here in NYC, rent is nearly double or quadruple of rent in other states not to mention the increased cost of food and clothing. But, whether it is helping these children to receive a gift for the holidays  or for children near you, I hope this Thread that I am writing can touch even one person's  heart and make this an amazing holiday for a child.

Since it is wintertime, Mittens, Hats, Scarfs, and cold weather Clothing are helpful,  babies there can always use new pacifiers and teething rings, even diapers too. It is not about the price of the gift ( even a Dollar Store gift will put a smile on a child's face )  it is about the child receiving the gift and opening it and the glow on their face and seeing them smile once again.

                               Providence House
                         Att: Admin:  Andrea Bell
                          703 Lexington Avenue
                             Brooklyn, NY 11221

About half of the children being housed in their shelters are young babies and children under 4, while others are several years older.

This is not a post for raising funds so please do not send cash / check.

Gift requirements  per shelters request:   

No furry stuffed animals ( due to lice outbreaks )

No used toys or clothing

No toys that look like a weapon ( toy guns, swords, daggers)

No Toys that use batteries ( families can't afford to buy them)

 All wrapped gifts  please include a note of what the gift is so it may be given to the right age and whether it is for a boy or girl or unisex 

for more info or verification   their website is     https://www.providencehouse.org/

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Michael aka Mac

CLARIFICATION    Providence House has several locations in NYC  of which 1 in particular is housing approximately 200 children,  another has about 20 and the remaining ~50 children are in the other 7 locations.  The address I listed above is their main location that can deliver to the other locations.

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Michael aka Mac

I am truly touched by how many people  have stopped and spent the time to read this thread so far over 100 people have read this.

The 12 days of Christmas should have new meaning to us all now considering that is the number of days we have to find some of these homeless children gifts and warm clothing before Christmas day arrives

I received a personal message from someone informing me that there are Dollar stores online that sell reduced priced gloves and hats in bulk that many people get for homeless individuals.

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