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Upstate New York hidden Treasures

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

One of my favorite places to go is upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains. Outdoor sports? Catskills has it all: Hiking, camping, river paddling, lakes to canoe, hunting, trapping, fishing, range shooting, skiing/snowboarding and of course, sledding for all ages.

But many of the people traveling to upstate NY Catskill Mountains have never been introduced to the hidden treasures surrounding them. Just 15-20 minutes from one another. Most Skiers  know of Hunter Mountain,  but have never been to its neighboring towns  such as Phoenicia & Tannersville. Here in these towns you will find diamonds in the ruff. There are gift shops, Camping and hunting shops, numerous dinning establishments, Antique stores and Novelty items that one can only find here in the Catskill Mountains.

Another 20 minute drive off the side of the highway you will find one of the oldest most well known bakeries in the Catskills  "Bread Alone" . Over the years I have watched as this bakery has grown in size  and now  I can even find some of their mass produced bread in supermarkets.  But to truly experience Bread Alone you must go there in person and get their homemade brick oven breads.  I strongly advice you to try their Peasant's Bread and Sourdough Breads. Hard crusty shell with soft delicious bread on the inside. 

So next time you are on your outdoor adventures in the Catskill Mountains make sure you stop in the neighboring towns to truly experience life in the Catskill Mountains.

about the Author:

Michael aka Mac  has lived in numerous places across the USA California, Texas, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,  & New York.  He is a former Boy Scout, and has 40 years of outdoor experience camping, hiking, biking, paddling, traversing through forests, and shooting & archery. Michael was first introduced to the outdoors by his parents when they brought him to his grandparents log cabin that was built by hand by the family on stilts off the side of a mountain in Lanesville, NY in the Catskill Mountains. The only things Michael loves as much as the great outdoors is animals  and he also loves to cook different ethnic backgrounds.

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Michael aka Mac

                                       Upstate NY Hidden Treasures continued:

Towns like Phoenicia & Tannersville in upstate NY feels like you just exited the time traveling contraption form the HG Wells Book/Movie  "The Time Machine "

It is literally like stepping into a different timeline, a Blast From the Past. Even getting a haircut at the Phoenicia Barbers Shop feels as if you are walking into a museum. In these old historic like shops you will find something for the whole family to be entertained with. Having your child shy away from their tablet to go adventuring in these stores  may be scary for you at first, but not to worry as you will most likely be too overwhelmed by the many things around you that peak your interest... Who knows  you may even forget that you have children... Just kidding...

Honestly though,  how many of you ever saw the Movie Back to the Future and say to yourself  "Man I wish I could experience that..."  That is exactly how I felt in these towns.  

In the summertime Phoenicia is a fan favorite as they run a white water tubing company there right off the river that is packed every year with water tubing enthusiasts. The rent bottomless and covered tire tubes and have a bus service to bring you back to base after you are done.  I strongly advice having a tube with a bottom, as your buttocks will thank me.

In the wintertime, hands  down, Hunter Mountain, for all of you skiers and snowboarders out there. There are countless Bread & Breakfast places to stay. Some of these Bread and Breakfast lodges can hold an entire extended family while others have only 5 or so rooms. 

One of my personal favorite locations to lodge at is the Snowed Inn Bread and Breakfast, so much in fact that if you ever spend the night in what i called the Medieval like room you will see a dark brownish  metal trash can with lion handles that I donated to the room decades ago as I thought it fit perfectly in that there.

For those of you that love drive-in movie theatres you are in luck, The Highway Drive In Movie Theatre Coxsakie in the Catskills.

With most of the Covid restrictions being removed here in NY now is the perfect time to venture to Upstate NY and experience your own time travel adventure.

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