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Flash News Update : Airline travel warning and at home covid test info 12/24/2021

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

   Flash News Update for those Traveling here & abroad


Some of us that were planning to travel by plane for the holidays may not be aware of over 3500 last minute flight cancelations due to the Omicron variant, as many airlines are not notifying customers in advance.

  Many others are desperately searching for an Instant: at home covid test.  Those that do have them in stock  are also limiting buyers to purchase only 4 at home tests due to dwindling supplies

  Source -  NY Times: 8 minutes ago

I urge those traveling to call or verify online whether your flight was one of those that were canceled, and for those looking for an at home covid test, calling the pharmacy ahead of time may be a good idea too as so many of them are out of stock of the at home tests due to a massive uptick in sales for them due  to the Omicron variant.

The best way to prevent a super spreader incident from occurring is to get tested for covid prior to visiting family. Be safe, be well, and God Speed... 

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