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My EDC Bag ( Every Day Carry )

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

After so many threads posted here, I finally was asked what is in my edc bag that I bring with me daily.

The hardest part of making my edc bag was finding the bag itself.  I am not a huge fan of fanny packs due to having a bad back, and I didn't want anything as big as a daypack. All of the shoulder bags that I was looking at weighed too much and were still too large.  I already have my camping/bugout bag in my SUV, so all I really needed was something that I could bring the basic essentials.  ( realize I live in Queens, NY,  and unlike other parts of this country where one could be in the middle of nowhere with miles away in every direction from civilization, I am not too far away from help, so my edc bag may have less items then others). 

What I finally settled with is an adjustable water bottle sling bag  with cell phone compartment and mesh pocket ( similar to the Adidas Hydration Crossbody Water Bottle Sling Bag )

The 1st thing that went into this bag is what I use the most, my Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Champ pocket knife/tool. I bought the knife with the Swiss Army Knife Sheath w/sharpening Rod and it fit perfectly inside the cellphone compartment of the bag.

Since I am not using this bag for a water bottle,  the inside compartment is just one large area for the rest of my gear. in a zip lock bag I have the following:

  1. Mini LED Flashlight ( 3 AAA Batteries and I placed a non conductive plastic insert under on/off push button so the batteries do not drain )
  2. Ferro rod and striker
  3. Doan Magnesium Firestarter
  4. Permanent Matchless Lighter (capable of starting 15,000 fires)
  5. Survival Wire Saw  (also known as a commando wire saw:   2 strong thick keychains connected to a barbed like wire, used like a chainsaw)
  6. Two Mylar Solar Blankets
  7. Water Purification Tablets (5 tablets)
  8. Compressed Camp Towel ( looks like a miniature hockey puck until opened)
  9. Bic Lighter
  10. extra 3, AAA Batteries
  11. Waterproof poncho

I also Carry the Schrade SCHF57 behind the Zip Lock bag, but not in it , so that I have easy access to this knife for Bushcraft choirs.  Last but not least, attached to the harness strap I have a 550 lb. paracord bracelet/w button compass, that is wrapped around the strap. I should also note that this water bottle bag is waterproof so that I can use it as a water container and drop the water purification tablets right into the bag filled with water. I also have a couple of supermarket produce bags used for water storage too. Last, my wallet and a pen.

On my Keychain that I attach to this edc bag, I have a Magnifying Glass, a mini folding pliers that I bought in Europe at a hardware store, the military P38 mini can/bottle opener, and a Lucky Rabbits Foot ( think Tinder)

What this setup gives me? 

Light: Having a non conductive piece of plastic over the battery compartment means that I will always have light, up to about  a year after the battery expiration date. This prevents accidentally having the flashlight turn on inside of my pack and prevents the slow drain on the batteries from being connected, so no power drain over  over the years during inactive use.

Shelter: The paracord survival bracelet separates (untangles) and can be used in conjunction with one of the Mylar Solar blankets to create a makeshift shelter while the other Mylar solar blanket is used as a reflective heat blanket.

Water Storage/Purification :The plastic produce bags can be filled with water then tied and left upright in the sun for 6 hours for SODIS ( Solar Water Disinfection), or can be used to collect moisture from  foliage from the morning dew, and the shoulder bag can also be used for more immediate water purification via tablets.

Rain Gear: The waterproof Poncho is great for getting out of an unexpected downpour. 

I have 5 means of creating fire, Bic Lighter, Magnesium Fire starter, Ferro rod and striker,  permanent Matchless Lighter,  & Magnifying Glass (focusing sun rays onto tinder).

I also have the means to procure firewood: The  Swiss Army knife has a wood saw, then there is my Commando wire saw, and my Bushcraft Schrade knife can split logs using baton method, chop down dead trees and branches. Don't forget the rabbits foot which is like tinder when you apply a spark.

Food procurement:  Both the wire saw & paracord can be used as a animal snare, the  paracord can also be used as fishing line, and the needle in the Swiss Army Knife can be used as a makeshift hook.

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about the author

Michael aka Mac, (his Trail name, short for MacGyver), is a Survivalist and outdoor enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in the great outdoors. His background is in engineering & physics and he brings this knowledge into his gear inventions and outdoor experiences.  Now Michael aka Mac, when he is not in the wilderness, spends his free time as a Freelance gear reviewer of outdoor gear & gadgets, an outdoor Blogger,  and teacher of outdoor non combat survival skills.

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Michael aka Mac

I have added to this bag a 6 inch long, 1/2 inch thick Ferro Rod, 1 Climber's Carabiner, and a small container of Liquid Skin. 

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