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-WARNING- The United States is going through record high temperatures right now. tips/info

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

The United States is going through record high temperatures right now, and across the world people are dying from this intense heat.

I have seen on YouTube videos of  FEDEX & UPS delivery workers passing out,  articles in newspapers of people dying from heat exhaustion & dehydration.

I would like to share some helpful tips to help people get through this heat wave.

1) The most important thing one must do is hydrate. In intense heat like this, our bodies need far more fluids to replenish the water loss from sweating. Drinking Milk, Coconut Water, and drinks like Gatorade will hydrate you almost 3 times more efficiently then drinking a glass of water. 

You will also hydrate faster by taking more frequent smaller sized drinks then guzzling a whole bottle down all at once.

Another danger is drinking too much plain water (w/o electrolytes) as you have lost a lot of electrolytes via sweating. 

2) During a heat wave, heat exhaustion is very likely to occur without you even knowing it. You eventually will not even be able to sweat, you will begin to get lethargic, slurred speech, and eventually pass out.

To avoid this, on top of hydrating, I suggest the following:

 a) Take frequent cold showers to lower your core temperature.

 b) For those outdoors, pour water over your head; put your wrists under   cold water; wrap a wet towel or a wet bandana around your neck.

c) Get cold ice packs ( best placement : under armpits, under feet, wrists,   chest, & head)

d) Buy one of those water bottle fans ( sweating is a way that our bodies        cools our core temperature down, these devices simulate sweating     without losing water from our body)

e) Get a bucket and fill it with water and ice and put your feet in it.

3) Due to financial hardships, or from an Air Conditioner failing, you may just try to weather it out. WARNING this would be a mistake. 

Check to see if there are any emergency cooling stations/shelters nearby.

During peak times where it is the hottest point of the day, go to the following locations to cool down:

a) Library

b) Supermarket

c) Movie Theatre

d) Mall or Department Store

e) YMCA or Indoor Swimming pool

4) Your body uses water to help digest your food. For this reason you should opt for smaller meal portions (weight wise) with higher calories and forego that Subway footlong.

Instead of a sandwich, try using a wrap,  or make a wrap from iceberg lettuce a cabbage leaf. Try adding fruits and veggies that have high water content into your meals and snacks such as:

Lettuce,  celery, watermelon, Chinese pear, tomatoes, & cucumbers to name a few.

Avoid foods and drinks that are diuretics' such as alcohol, coffee, caffeinated drinks, chicory, parsley, and chocolate.

5) Ideas that will save you some money at home with your electric bill.

a) Open your refrigerator less during a heat wave. Use your freezer to make ice, and put the ice into a cooler for all of your bottles of water and cans of soda.

b) Choose the smallest room in your home with an AC unit to set up  base. One of the real dangers many will face is a Black Out in their area. Having only 1 room running an AC unit and having the rest of your home's windows opened all the way and an air circulator/fan will give you a comfortable room temperature to work in while slightly cooling off the rest of your home.

c) Have a slumber party with your kids & pets. Having everyone in one room using only a single Air Conditioner will greatly reduce your energy bills. Have a movie night in the bedroom too so that your not cooling 2 rooms your bedroom at night and living room in the evening (unless the living room is where you are all sleeping)

6) Last safety comes first.  Call your loved ones and older family members a few times a day, this way you can see if there are any signs of heat exhaustion. 

Bring extra bottles of water with you incase you find someone that is suffering from heat exhaustion.

Take things in strides. Doing physical work outside should be avoided. If you must work outside for your job, remember they tips above and take several short breaks throughout the day to cool down and rehydrate.

A personal request... Remember the homeless... something as simple to us as getting a glass of water we take for granted. Please give a few bottles of cold water to the homeless people that you may pass by on the streets.

about the author

Michael aka Mac, (his Trail name, short for MacGyver), is a Survivalist and outdoor enthusiast with over 40 years of experience in the great outdoors. His background is in engineering & physics and he brings this knowledge into his gear inventions and outdoor experiences. Now Michael aka Mac, when he is not in the wilderness, spends his free time as a Freelance gear reviewer of outdoor gear & gadgets, an outdoor Blogger, professional outdoor survival writer, and teacher of outdoor non combat survival skills.

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