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Garmin problems?


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Anybody ever had any trouble trying to register a Garmin device with their website?  Apparently there's an issue.  When I fill out the form correctly I get this message: "The user object contains invalid values."

And in checking their Q&A, they are aware of the problem, because lots of people have reported it, and don't have a fix--at least not one that's simple and effective.  Their engineers say "they are working on this issue." 

Makes you wonder exactly how well their system works, if they can't figure this stuff out...

The good news is that I bought the thing through REI, so I should be able to return it if Garmin can't get me up and running. 

Oh, and when you send Garmin an email with a problem, they promise to get back to you in three to five days, unless they're really busy. 

These folks are selling an emergency device. 

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