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Mokelumne Canyon for my birthday


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M was kind enough to join me on a short trip down the Mok Canyon, to see where I had done a lot of trail work over the past few years.  It's an isolated area, and I knew we wouldn't see many people.  As it turned out, we saw nobody until the last mile hiking out, when we met two day-hikers. The canyon itself was all ours. 

This is a rough trail---M managed to take a couple of detours during the hike. And there are a couple of spots where you might also need a hand, as well as two feet, to make any further progress. 

But the rewards are wonderful.  I can't think of another place in the Sierra where you can hike for a little more than two miles from a state highway and be absolutely alone...and miles ahead without a soul in sight. 

We did see some nice wildlife--including hearing a family of raptors up in the cliffs above our campsite.  Mom and Dad raptor (ospreys?  it was hard to tell) were flying about while the babies in the nest kept up an infernal screeching for more food.  Hmmph. 

And then, on an evening stroll, we ran into Mr. Bear, who was still dining.  We watched him for a minute or two, even took a short video, and then he noticed the interlopers in his dining room, and took off like a shot straight up the mountain. 

Don't ever think you'll outrun a bear!

The hike out was more of the same (Including those unexpected detours) and we were back at the car in time to enjoy a leisurely drive through a couple of old haunts on the way back to our cabin. 

A nice way to celebrate still being alive after seventy years on the planet. 

As usual, the photos (including the bear video) are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wsXv1LAgVKdeEdcz8

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