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Tricks learned the hard way


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We got to thinking on our last trip...and that's always a reason for concern. But here are a few tips we'll share.  Not that we, personally, have ever done these things, but....
1.  It is always easier to lift up your pack when you are not standing on the hip belt. 
2. It's easier to cook on your gas stove when you remember to bring the fuel. 
3. In a pinch, last year's campfire permit can make up for the fact that you forgot to bring TP. 
4. Bug repellent in your pack is worth two bug repellents left in your car at the trailhead. 
5. Waterproof boots are only waterproof if you keep the tops above the water. 
6. The cairns you are following may have been left by a lost hiker who was never found again. 

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Michael aka Mac

1. The Glass that is half empty was nearly full prior to me leaving the table.

2.  If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it may a sound?  No     idea,   but it sure made a !@#$ mess of my shed.

3. Does a bear crap in the woods? Just trying to identify what I just stepped in.

4. To the guy that used a beer bottle as a urinal and left it on the camp table. I truly     hate you.

5. FYI the car you have been following that exited the jam packed highway to find a less crowded route, is now as lost as you are.

6. Word of advice, never criticize a police officer for having a broken tail light. Lesson learned...

7. Even city cops fear the State Police. ( I attended a cop's wedding, & all they talked about was those State Police that ticketed them)

8. Nothing is more humbling then having a Boy Scout child assisting you in setting up your new tent.

9. You can always spot those city folk whos having their 1st time camping in the great outdoors. They will be the ones with the electric hair dryer, plug in razor, & electric blanket.

10. There is no need to tell me all the differences between Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, & Poison Sumac. Just tell me how the heck do you get it to stop itching...

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