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Grand Canyon Backpacking

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

With age comes wisdom, or so goes the old adage. But, as any observer of the world can plainly see, that’s not always true. With age certainly comes knowledge, but whether that knowledge is converted to the making of wise decisions is, so to speak, a crap shoot. Hiking in the Grand Canyon offers an excellent example. First of all, it’s risky business. To successfully descend to the bottom and return to the rim in good health and without bothering park rangers and helicopter pilots, it’s important not only to gain adequate knowledge but also to apply it well. It doesn’t help a thing if you know you should carry three liters of water but decide instead to pop a lone one-liter in your backpack at the last minute. After all, a lot of it’s downhill, right? Sometimes knowledge actually creates the illusion of wisdom...

In Issue 54, contributor @Susan Dragoo details this trip into the Grand Canyon - read the article by following the links below:

The Grand Canyon and the Illusion of Wisdom: The Grandview Loop

Backpacking the Grand Canyon

Issue 54 Page 1

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