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Goat Rocks Backpacking

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

With excitement we awaited the arrival of the rest of our group. There would be five of us, friends and future friends, and a dog. The rain that had been drizzling throughout the morning was subsiding and turning to a lovely late August day in the Pacific Northwest. The forested trailhead was beginning to fill with vehicles as we waited patiently. It was near mid-afternoon by the time everyone had arrived, finished packing up, and were ready to hoist their backpacks and begin the uphill climb into one of Washington’s most beautiful wilderness areas, the Goat Rocks Wilderness...

@Eric shares this story about a backpacking trip into the Goat Rocks Wilderness - read the article in issue 54:

Meadows and Ridges: A Weekend in the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Backpacking the Goat Rocks Wilderness

Issue 54 Page 1

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