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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, I live in Southern Arizona about 45 minutes from the border, 66 years old,  I mostly hike the terrain from North Tuscon and South to the Mexican border.Santa Catalinas, Rin Cons and Santa Rita mountains.

Since fall 2022 and this year I've been struggling with my energy levels during steep hikes.Yesterday a 6 mile out and back with 2500 ft elevation gain to 7300 feet, I was nearly at a crawl as I got to the saddle. My compadres even commented to me about checking my fitness. Coming back down ,drinking water makes me feel full and sick , but I force myself to drink. so I know I'm under hydrated and get punished with cramps. After hikes I drink gallons of water but am still onset with cramps for hours. I consumed 2 litres of plain water on this short hike . Temps were in the 60s, 40 at the top

What has happened to my energy levels before and after? and whats up with feeling sick drinking water during the hike? Am I getting too old for this stuff? Any suggestions for prep routine alterations or whatever is appreciated.

Any insights ?


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Fitness is a broad subject. 

Your hike was an up and down day hike. It's possible you experienced dizziness, motion sickness, maybe vertigo - inner ear issues.  Attempting to drink water in this condition  brings on a feeling of sickness. Head trauma also does it. 

Meds and toxins in blood  especially combined with dehydration bring on a nauseating feeling attempting to drink H2O/ rehydrate.  70% of the U.S. pop is estimated to be chronically dehydrated. And, that's before ever reaching a TH. Of that 70% the elderly pop  is particularly at high risk. Additionally, blood is 90% H2O. 0ver 80% if the U.S adult pop is on at least two pharmaceutical drugs. Hydration is  prerequisite for  high athletic exertion, endurance,  and performance 

Over full stomach. This gets me the most. On a still full stomach I enjoy a hot coffee before a hike.  The acids can back up into the esophagus making it  nauseous to drink H2O.   It's widely observed the U.S. pop are rampant over consumers. This includes food and food like substances leading to being overfed but undernourished. 

Gastrointestinal issues including the ignoring and destruction of a healthy cooperative microbiome.  The over prescribing of antibiotics by the Western  Big Pharma trained medical community, chlorinated drinking water,  SAD(Standard American Diet) and the modern industrialized commercial Big Food and Big Ag systems in the U.S. are primary culprits. 

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