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It is so hot that the glue of my shoes are failing, & the veggies & fruit baskets are slow cooking

Michael aka Mac

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Michael aka Mac

So the 94°F + have not only taken a toll on my body, but it has also separated my souls of my shoes while walking the streets of New York.  I am kind of like Norm from the TV show 'Cheers' where I live here in Queens, and when I walk into one of the stores or supermarkets around here I am greeted with a boastful "Michael".

As my shoes became flip flops, I walked into the grocery market to buy some Crazy Glue, not ideal I know, but I thought it would be a quick fix, and not a permanent solution.  Due to the increase amount of theft in our local stores, things like Crazy glue are now behind the customer service counter, so I asked the Manager if he could get it for me. He took one look at me and asked, "Michael, what are you going to use it for?"

Any other person he would have simply grabbed the glue for them, but when you respect and care for someone, you go that extra mile. Showing him my shoes it shook his head and said "Nope, it wont work not going to sell it to you."  I knew he was right, it was only a temporary fix, but since there wasn't a hardware store I figured why not. He told me that the nearby Dollar Store carried rubber cement, which I knew would be perfect to fix my shoes, and didn't realize that they even carried it. (BTW nothing has been a dollar in that store since prior to the pandemic)

It was nice to see someone looking out for me, and not just seeing me as a customer with $$ signs over my head.

Trying to install a new video doorbell,  my cordless drill had drilled 4 holes into the doorframe then completely died due to overheating. I had to finish the installation using a screwdriver.

At home, I went to pick up a cucumber that I had bought the day before, not realizing that the 94°F+ weather had slow cooked the cucumber the past 24 hours. When I reached up to grab it the cucumber had exploded in my hand sending petrified cucumber juice scattering alongside the walls & cabinets. It got me thinking, that my canned good's shelf life was no longer the written expiration date on the canned goods, as this summer's heat has shortened their lifespan. 

Point of this thread, this blasting heat not only affects our health, our work, but even our food & for me my shoes. 'Climate Change' is indeed real, and it affects the world. We must do our part to help slow down climate change, and if possible, reverse the damage that has been done.

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