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What are my "best bang for my buck" options per hiking boots


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First of all, any boot you buy has to fit your feet. So saving money on a boot that doesn't fit well isn't going to save you money at all, it is just going to make you miserable on the trail. 

That said, I've used Hi-tek Apex boots for quite a few years now. They make three models, from lower cut (which I use) to full ankle height boots, and all of them sell  for well under $75 at Big 5.  You can get them much cheaper on sale---I bought one pair for under $30.  

But I think I must have "normal" feet, because I find a lot of boots that fit me, and rarely get blisters with my usual system of a very light pair of sock under some heavy hiking socks. 

As always, your mileage may vary! 

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