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Backpacking in Capitol Reef National Park

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I have never been inspired to do a multi-day trip from an overlook, but that was before Capitol Reef. In May of 2013, I took my dad to southern Utah for a road trip. I was still recovering from surgery, limiting myself to merely driving. On our way home, we drove the Burr Trail, a scenic back way through the heart of Capitol Reef National Park, and on the map I saw a point called Halls Creek Overlook. We decided to drive out of our way to see it, and I was blown away by the scale that could be seen, deciding right then I needed to go back and explore. When the opportunity of a long weekend came, I started planning...

Ted Ehrlich heads to explore some explore what Capitol Reef has to offer - Read the full article below in Issue 15:

Surfing the Reef

Issue 15 Page 1

Backpacking in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

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