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Glue for tarps?


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I want to glue some tarp sections together and bought HH-66 and tried it out but it didn't stick at all. Then found out it works on vinyl but the tarps I'm using are polyethylene or polypropylene I don't know which. They are green on one side and brown on the other got at a hardware store and HH-66 doesn't work on that stuff. Can anyone suggest a type of glue that will work on it?

Thank you for any help!


Maine, USA 

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I've never tried to join two sections of this kind of tarp, but perhaps sewing and then sealing with a Seam Grip product would be worth experimenting with? And / or using something like Gorilla Tape? Not sure if it would work or not. I might just go for a new larger tarp so I didn't have to worry about it. The only thing I've joined in this manner were two sections of a polycro / window insulation film groundsheet, which I was able to join with packing tape...seemed to form a permanent bond on that (wouldn't try that kind of a tape in your situation, however).

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Michael aka Mac
Posted (edited)

@Aaron Zagrodnick  Gorilla & Duct tape does work, but it is a temporary fix, and each time you retape it, previous residue left over has to be removed, so it is a pain in the arsh.  I used this method during a snowstorm in upstate NY at my families' off the grid log cabin so that I could lower the ceiling of the cabin by 10 feet, so that I wouldn't need as much wood, and could heat the cabin faster, as it was Cold  with a capital C.


primer Permabond POP with cyanoacrylate adhesives to bond polyethylene

SuperTAC 500 to bond polypropylene 

Other people have vouched for these, but I personally have not ever glued tarps together, only glued Mylar solar blankets over them for heat retention. 

I have connected two tarps using the gromets and paracord, and I have used Duct tape between two tarps to prevent the rain from creeping in, but if you want this to be permanent, Duct tape is not a long-term solution, and the more times you retape it, there will be leftover residue from previous tape, which will be a pain to remove.

The only real solution would be as Aaron had suggested, and sewing the two together, and using a sealing it with a seem product like Aaron initially suggested.

It may help if we knew exactly what you are using this for, to make a better determination for your resolve. 

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