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Backpacking Through New Zealand...?


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Coming this February I plan on backpacking through New Zealand. Not the "Modern" type of backpacking, using hostels, tour buses, ect. But straight up BACKPACKING. I am applying for 6 month - 1 year Holiday Visa, so I can acquire odd jobs if need be. I will have $5,000 USD transferred to a New Zealand bank account, to buy things If absolutely needed. For residence through My travels I plan to sleep under the stars. Sometimes in a Holiday park/ campground, other times in the complete wilderness. If the property Is owned I will definitely ask the landowner permission to politely use his property.. Maybe even do some work for him/her in return. Money is not an issue to Me, or my travelling companion. As we plan to live off nothing but the land itself. I am a very sociable and friendly person, I see Myself having no problem meeting people and hopefully being able to work or help them in some way. My companion and I have accepted what could happen to Us through our travels. I don't plan on dying but I have accepted it. My goal in this is just to experience life the way it was mean't to be.

Please, feel feel to input your inquiries, thoughts, questions, Anything. I joined this forum and posted this thread just because of the fact I have searched endlessly about "Real" Backpacking, and I can't find a single thing. Please feel free to post anything. As I will keep you updated on My plan.

- Andy

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Andy, can you elaborate further on what you mean by "living off the land?" Have you ever done this previously? Can you elaborate? ie; where, when, for how long, in what way? Are you referring to primitive living, survival or minimalist living, living in a tent as a basically homeless person, etc?

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