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Another neat Kickstarter project; Bosavi Headlamp


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Aaron Zagrodnick

That's a nice looking light, the reusable packaging that turns the light into a lantern is a really cool idea. The profile is quite a bit slimmer than what looks like a Petzl Tikka Plus 2 in the side by side photo, and the way the boost mode is setup sounds like a great way to save on battery usage - From the Kickstarter page:

The light lasts almost 70 hours on the low beam setting and as little as 3 hours if you are using the boost mode to bring it to the full 110 Lumens all the time. That's why we programmed the boost mode to go up to full brightness for 1 minute and then slowly fade back to the last mode you were on. It works pretty well. You often don't even realize your not on boost anymore because your eyes adjust with the fade.

I also like the addition of the red LED and a low beam setting of just 4 lumens - Great for around camp when you just need a little extra light but don't want to ruin your night vision.

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Yeah, I think that it looks like a nice, promising light with a lot of potential. Unfortunately though, I can't get in on one now...but I did get in for the oragami lantern... :) I am interested to check it out...

I agree with you on the low setting though and how it should be low enough not to ruin night vision. This is one thing I love about my H51... the Low 2 setting is super low, doesn't mess with the eyes, but bright enough to work with. Also, IMO, I think that it is low enough not to be a bother to others in camp with you, however, I still try and refrain from shining a light in other's faces...

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