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Goose Lake, Beartooth Mountains


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This was a 2012 trip and we sort or lazed out in that we took the Jeep trail (FS 3230) in and set up a base camp about a 100 yards off the trail at Star Lake. From that camp, we did a day hike each day.

Star Lake


The first trip was to Grasshopper Glacier via Goose Lake. Unfortunately, before we got to the glacier, high wind, rain, and hail were encountered and didn't let up for about 4 hours. Our stay at the glacier was rather abbreviated.

Cascades below Goose Lake, Sawtooth Mountain behind.


Goose Lake


Standing at the top of Grasshopper Glacier looking into West Rosebud Creek.


The second day was a hike via Snowbank, Green, and Little Green Lakes.




Green/Little Green Lakes


The third trip was up Zimmer Creek.

Meadow/Mount Zimmer


Zimmer Creek


Cascades below Zimmer Lake


And a parting shot from the Jeep Trail-Oxide Mountain and the plateau area where Sodalite, Fossil numerious other lakes reside.


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