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Review my Gear suggestions needed


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Hi new here not much of a forums person so excuse my lack of knowledge on posting. I am a semi newbie when it comes to long range backpacking. I want some suggestions on my gear. This is my goto gear for camping, hiking and 72 hour survival, it fills all three of these roles all year around without the need to rotate gear. My setup is the following please send suggestions on what you recommend to replace or modify.

  • Pack = Military ILBE


  • boots = Military Bellville 950 Mountain


  • sleeping bag = 5 piece military sleep system


  • Clothing all season layering setup stuffed in cpmression sack

  1. Rothco tan BDU military style pants and jacket
  2. 2 pair silk socks 2 pair merino wool hiking socks 2 pair heavyweight cold merino wool socks
  3. military ecwcs level 1 base layer
  4. military ecwcs level 2 base layer
  5. Cabela's waterproof breathable rain jacket and pants (non-insulated)
  6. silk glove liners, Cabela's cold weather golves
  7. merino wool face mask
  8. ski goggles
  9. short sleeve moisture wick t shirt tan color
  10. shemagh
  11. fleece jacket

  • 3 ways to start fire (matches, bic lighter and ferro rod)
  • 72 hours Wyse freeze dried food
  • Kabar knife
  • 100 Ft 550 paracord
  • Katadyn water filter


  • Hennessy Hammock ( i normally just use my bivy from sleep system and the rain fly. But it is nice sometime to get off the ground and the bug net is built in and its lightweight.


Camelbak bladder


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The pack is loaded about 50-55 lbs with water and food, i can handle the weight fine. My main concerns is the boots fit well but i tend to get my Achilles area rubbed raw no matter what socks i use. these boots are good quality but never seem to break it just stiff as heck i have oiled them with no help. Another is the military ECWCS level 1 and 2 base layers. I cannot seem to stay comfortable in these i always seem to be hot or cold mainly hot when used together then cold when i just use the level 1. They do a great job together when its really cold but other than that i cant get comfortable wanting a 2nd opinion on other products. When the weather calls for something i usually combine the right fit between ECWCS lvl1, lv2 base layers and the Cabala's hiking jacket and pants.

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Hi Neil,

I'd keep putting your gear through it's paces and see how things work out. You've got a lot of military gear which is probably heavier on average than "hiking" oriented gear but if you don't mind the weight and you like it, then it's all good. I've seen that 5 piece sleep system, pretty nice deal but once again the sleeping bag is gonna be heavier and more voluminous on average. Compression bags are always great for clothes, sleeping bag, tent, etc.

Regarding your boots, I'd suggest that you just keep working on breaking them in - wear them all the time, as much as possible, even if you're not hiking. You may also want to do preventative first aid and tape up your Achilles areas before the blisters develop. Yup, there are alot of hiking boots that you can get that will probably not give you a fit, but if those are the boots you chose then just keep on breaking them in. I used to wear all leather full-shank mountaineering boots with stitched on soles, they took forever to break in. I took them back to EMS several times and they pleaded with me, "just keep breaking them in, try them for another couple of weeks". After a lot of hiking and climbing they finally yielded and they were awesome leather boots that I used all around for crampons, snowshoes, and 4 season hiking. I had two extra sets of soles restitched to those boots until it was finally time to retire them.

But then again.... some boots just never give in! Good Luck!

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