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Hiking in Florida

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Pristine beaches, dolphins jumping in the sunset, and a spinning world of over the top theme parks, are a few images that come to mind when people think about Florida, but the Sunshine State can be more of a hazardous obstacle course than a tropical paradise to many hikers who hit the trails. Skip the trails, and you miss out on the authentic Florida that hasn't been prefabricated in a studio, the wild Florida that the Timucuan people inhabited for centuries, and the untamed jungle Florida that Hernado DeSoto and Ponce DeLeon first cut their way through in the 1500’s. While it may be tempting to stay by the pool sipping on a Pina Colada, stepping out of the tourist illusion and into the real Florida gives visitors a chance to get to know a side of the State that many people are completely unaware of. While it certainly has its challenges, the hidden gems of Florida can only be found by getting away from the concrete and plastic and heading into the woods…

Jessica Smith breaks down what it’s like to hike in the Sunshine State, with some great tips along the way. Read the full article below in Issue 17:

The Perils of a Florida Hike…and How to Face Them

Hiking in Florida

Issue 17 Page 1

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