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Off-Trail Delights

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Aaron Zagrodnick

It is the Fourth of July weekend. I am at a pristine lake somewhere in Colorado. Above me are the sheer walls of the mountains forming a deep cirque. The lingering summer snow is on the cliffs above and reflecting the morning light. The scent of pine is strong. The birds are calling out their morning songs. I sip my coffee and quietly contemplate the beauty around me. There is no one here. A holiday weekend and I have this gem all to myself. How could that be? It is because I went off the beaten path and followed no path at all. I went off-trail…

Paul Magnanti shows us what it’s like to leave the beaten path, with some great insight (And amazing photos) along the way. Read the full article below in Issue 17:

Off-Trail Delights

Backpacking and Hiking Off-Trail

Issue 17 Page 1

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