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The Overland Track, Tasmania

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

"He's tested positive to TNT".

Admittedly, not the words I was expecting to hear at the start of our trip to Tasmania.This message came via phone from our friend Louise at the Melbourne airport where one of our other hike members, Julian, had been pulled aside at the airport for initially testing positive for the substance. Further tests (and considerable chit chat by a bored staff member) revealed it was a false alarm, but it certainly added to the feeling that this was going to be an interesting trip. The Overland Track is considered to be one of the best walks in Australia. Running some 80 km down the middle of Tasmania, it starts at Ronny Creek and ends at Lake St Claire, Australia's deepest lake. It traverses a glacial formed landscape with altitudes ranging from 750m to 1250m, with the option of doing side trips to nearby higher mountains. As such, waterproof and warm clothing is a must. We were also told that wet feet were a given, though I was determined to have my new Gore-Tex lined boots prove otherwise…

Nick Exarhos takes us through a hike of Tasmania’s Overland Track with friends, take a look at the story and photos below in Issue 17:

The Overland Track

Backpacking the Overland Track in Tasmania

Issue 17 Page 1

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