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Mount Rainier

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

As I flew towards Seattle, I had a slight sinking feeling in my gut. Not because I was worried about what I would encounter in the next 48 hours, but because I realized I had picked the wrong side of the airplane to sit on. Anyone who has flown in or out of SeaTac knows that the views of Rainier, Adams, and the rest of the Cascades are spectacular, as long as you sit on the correct side of the plane with clear weather. I hadn't thought about it when I picked my seat, and as the people on the opposite side oohed and aahed, I caught glimpses of my objective by peering across the aisle. Standing massive against the skyline, Mount Rainier is a sight to behold, and I knew soon enough I would be a speck on the side of it…

Ted Ehrlich and Sean O’Rourke set out to climb Mount Rainier – Read the full story and check out all the amazing photos below in Issue 17:

Washington’s Crown Jewel: Climbing Rainier’s Emmons Route

Climbing Mount Rainier, Washington - Emmons Route

Issue 17 Page 1

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