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Sorensen's Cliffs aka Indian Head Cliff in Hope Valley


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Hiked a great trail today. It starts by Sorensen's in Hope Valley, CA (http://www.sorensensresort.com/). This is a great little cabin resort. The trail, a logging road really, winds uphill to some breathtaking, vertigo inspiring, STEEP cliffs that overlook the valley. Here is the trail description they have (they do a much better job of describing the trail). Although when they talk about snow melt and streams - it was a pretty dry winter, all things considered and we didn't have any water or mud issues. (PS. My posting/editing HTML is still a bit rough.) :o

Hike to Sorensen’s (aka Indian Head) Cliffs

This trail is about 3 miles in length (one way) to the top of the cliffs, but there are several great spots to stop and get a view without hiking the entire trail. Starting from the west end of Sorensen’s Resort follow an unpaved road through aspens, pines and willows. Indian paintbrush and phlox blooming in the sunny, open areas and snow plants under the pine trees. With all the snow melt there are numerous little streams that cross the trail but are easy to jump across and pretty to look at. About a mile into the hike you will come across a very wet section of the trail and if you can make your way through this area (it looks worse than it is) and through the willows you will come to drier ground. If you don’t feel like tackling this section there is an outcropping of rocks just to the left with some views.

You will have an easy climb over a huge aspen that came down this winter; I couldn’t even wrap my arms around it! After about 2 miles you will come out into a sunny open area with granite boulders, a perfect spot to stop for lunch or a snack.

The last 100 yards to the cliff tops is sunny and offers fantastic views of the Hope Valley, Carson River and even Sorensen’s Resort. The hike was well worth some wet and muddy boots!

I can tell you it is lovely, up an old logging road, through Aspen groves (which will be spectacular in October), up to some [did I mention VERY STEEP CLIFFS] that over look the entire Hope Valley area - with views to Freel Peak and beyond.

My Photo Show

We are headed up to the cliffs behind us. Me and my friends that I have known for more than 30 years.

You don't want to lose your footing here. It's a long way down.

Overlooking Hope Valley

Cold and windy on top and for some reason my camera switched to B/W

Freel Peak in the distance - on the list to do.[ATTACH=CONFIG]223[/ATTACH








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Aaron Zagrodnick

Very scenic. Less than 3 weeks left if I'm counting correctly - Can't wait for the first overnighter report! :)

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18 days to be exact...just need to pick up two more items. One of my friends who has never backpacked either went to our location last Friday nite for a trial run with her husband. CAN'T


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