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Tobacco Root Mountains Palooza


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The Roots, that approximately 20 x 30 mile pile of rock in Madison County, southwest Montana have afforded myself six decades+ of backcountry entertainment.

For the unfamiliar, the range is primarily high grade metamorphic rock and a small, generally granitic batholith, along with a veneer of sedimentary strata crumpled up along the west and north sides. It has been extensively glaciated, with typical U shaped valleys, hanging valleys, ice marginal stream channels and some relatively impressive terminal moraines.

The range is peppered with a number of generally small scale mines, some dating to the 1860's. The mining activity resulted in primitive roads in a lot of the drainage's and many remain open for motorized use. That said, there are both large and small areas that are now closed to that use so there is something for about everyone. This thread will explore much of the range.

Mill Creek/Gneiss Lake





South Fork Mill Creek






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