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Lithium iron disulfide AA/AAA batteries


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For those who are already not aware of these, the lithium iron disulfide (non-rechargeable) batteries weigh about half of what the alkaline versions do and last at least several times longer.

I've been using these in both the GPS units and LED flashlights for about 6 months with great results. I weighed the AA size versions and the Li batteries were about 0.44 oz while the alkaline were 0.86 oz. Only downside is they cost more, but what's a little more expense when shaving weight off one' back?

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Aaron Zagrodnick


I've used the Energizer lithium batteries in the past and they're great - So light and they hold a lot of power. Recently though I've been using the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries in anything I can. They are heavier at .95 ounces for a single AA, but I've found using rechargeable batteries really convenient. Before I head out on a trip I can just charge to full and I'm good to go...Before I was always taking spares or extra spares since the main battery / batteries would usually be partially depleted from a previous trip or two.

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