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Utah Wasatch-Uintas Ideas


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I'm new to the SLC area and got asked to be a Scoutmaster of my son's troop. I'm looking for ideas and suggestions on where to take my troop backpacking. I'm looking for easy beginner trails (3-4 miles one-way with minimal elevation change) and longer 2-5 day trails that we can do when schools out. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.:cool:

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My only experience in the Uintas was my highline trip that i wrote up here - http://www.trailgroove.com/issue11.html?autoflip=31

one of these days i'm going to go back and finish off the last 20 miles on the east side of leidy peak. i've heard its fairly mild and and would be good for learning navigational skills since the route isn't marked well, maybe a good idea for a 2-5 day trip between highway 191 and leidy peak.

I found the first section between Highway 150 and rocky sea pass to be very enjoyable and worth the hike as a dayhike and a good canidit for an easy overnight "out and back" hike.

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