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Grand Tetons Natl Park - Teton Crest


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Finally got around to organizing photos from my trip to GTNP. Thanks to everyone on this forum for advice around logistics for this trip!

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Misc - day trips in YSNP and Gallatin Natl Forest


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Sweet! I was hoping to make a backpacking trip to the Tetons this year, but it didn't happen. Next year!

Highly recommended. The teton crest packs an amazing amount of scenery into a highly customizable hike depending on permitting. And if you can't get all the nights you want, then Yellowstone is just up the road. A great way to spend the remaining time.

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Grand Teton NP - your pics say so much. In some ways your hike reminds me of Glacier NP. Great pics.

Did the teenagers ever come along on the hike?

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Dogwood, thanks for the kind words. Glacier is definitely on my bucket list. Not sure what you mean regarding the teenagers question?

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