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Question about the San Gabriels In LA County (Baldy vs Cucamonga)


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Hello there,

I’m new here and new to the idea of peakbagging really too. A pleasure to meet you all!

Over the past 3 Saturdays, I’ve managed to get out and do some intense hiking in my local San Gabriel Mountains. First to the summits of Mt. Baden-Powell (9399') on 9/27, then Throop Peak (9138')and Mt. Lewis (8396') on 10/4 and just this past Saturday 10/11 I ascended Mt. San Antonio (10,064') via the difficult Ski Hut Trail which has 3900' elevation gain in an 8.8 mile round-trip... still feeling that one for sure

Being new at this and not in the best of shape, The Ski Hut Trail pretty royally kicked my rear and I was exhausted by the time I hit the summit.

Anyhow, for this weekend I’ve been eying Cucamonga Peak (8859') from Icehouse Canyon trailhead. This trip comes out to about 12.4 miles round-trip with 4300' elevation gain over the total trail length. I was curious if anyone here has done this trail and perhaps the ski hut trail up San Antonio (Baldy) as well and can tell me which they found more difficult or perhaps share experiences from either that might be helpful to me. I can still feel the climb from Saturday in my legs and given how hard that one pushed me, I'm not sure I'm ready to go for a hike that people find more difficult than that. Both hikes are labeled as "strenuous" from what I can see poking around the internet, but no two mountains are the same so any firsthand experience with these two would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Ice House is a gorgeous and very popular trail. It is a much easier hike than ski hut I guarantee it (I've hiked to the top of Timber Mt. and Mt. Baldy). About half way up to the saddle is a fresh water spring which is safe to drink straight from the rock. I have never gone to Cucamonga Peak, but I've heard great things about the trail.

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The trick to hiking in So California is go on weekdays and the off-season.  I used to hike in Icehouse Cyn every winter back in the 1970s.  There was no one there.

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