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Backpacking in the UK


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Alright so I normally like to go backpacking in nature, where there are no people, that is the point right? to be one with nature and to take yourself away from the daily tasks that you have to perform. Well, this next summer, yes I am already thinking about summer only 1 week into fall lol, and I want to see the world. I mean I have been through Europe but with my family and per usual with my family everything was planned out for me. So I would like to plan my own adventures and just go. While research, I fell upon this little gem in the United Kingdom I feel like I think the world should know about.

There is a cave filled with trampolines! http://www.bouncebelow.net/

But it gets better, where this is located, right above it, there is an attraction made for ziplines.. 5 miles of zip lines: http://www.zipworld.co.uk/

You could go bounce in the morning and then after lunch go zip line! EEEeee trip planning is fun, makes me wish I could teleport! Has anyone gone to the UK? If so where did you go? Are there any phenomenal trails that I should go to? Thank you! :)

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I am from England and have heard of the trampolines in the cave and the zip wire. They are near Snowdonia national park in northern Wales where there is plenty of hiking and rock climbing. Also if you then travel to northern England there is the lake district which is a favourite in England for hiking. The UK has public footpaths all over so you can walk wherever you like. You will probably want to buy some Ordinance Survey maps to do this as footpaths are not always easy to follow. There are also long distance walking trails such as the trans penine trail or you can simply walk round the coast on a never ending coastal path...

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My wife and I did the Coast to Coast Walk in

UK last spring. Flew to Manchester, took the train to St Bee's and walked east through the Lake District and beyond all the way to Robin Hood's Bay on the North Sea. Very nice, but wet. (It's called the Wainwright Route) Takes about ten days. We stayed in B&B's but people do tent it.


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