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Triangle X in Moose WY


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This coming July the family and I will be driving out to Triangle X ranch and will be staying for a whole week. We are really interesting in getting to know the area, we will be having some free days to adventure around. From the maps, we see there is Albright Peak, Static Peak, Buck Mountain, Prospectors Mountain and Phelps Lake. Are there any trails anyone would recommend to go and hike around on?

We have already been to Yellowstone, so we may pass on hiking around there again. But has anyone been to the Triangle X before? If so what did they like about it?

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Never been there but looking at the topog, I would be heading up Taggart Creek from Taggart Lake (off trail) past Taminah and Snowdrift Lakes, over the pass above Kit Lake, and after a visit to Icefloe Lake, hit the South Fork Cascade Creek trail back to Jenny Lake. Sort of a circumnavigation of the Tetons. Could be an overnighter but would probably opt for 3 days. Don't know where the approved camp sites would be or what permit would be required for such a trip-or for that matter, if the Park Service will even let you do that trip. Just food for thought. Ought to be some fantastic scenery.

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I've never been to Triangle X, but I've spent time at the AAC climbers' ranch the past few years: http://friendsofgtcr.net .

Never been there but looking at the topog, I would be heading up Taggart Creek from Taggart Lake (off trail) past Taminah and Snowdrift Lakes,...

Avalanche Canyon below Taminah has bits of trail if you know where to look, but can be a fairly unpleasant, boggy bushwhack. It's not as bad as getting around Leigh Lake to Moran, but it's not fun.

If you want to stay on-trail, Static Peak via Death Canyon is an option, as is the loop up Cascade and down Paintbrush Canyons. The trail up to Surprise and Amphitheater lakes is popular, and you can keep going to the Teton Glacier on a decent climbers' trail.

If you don't mind a bit of 3rd class (or maybe snow, depending on the winter), the east face of Buck is nice and relatively uncrowded, with a pretty decent climbers' trail on the approach. South Teton is long, but a pretty straightforward walk-up.

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My family went to Triangle X as guests for years in the 60s and early 70s before "building" a house in the area 40 years ago that I really wish we still had. The Turners are some great folks, John was Director of USFWS in the early 90s and probably knows as much about this ecosystem as anyone else. If he hadn't supported the "reintroduction" of wolves he'd probably have been elected Governor a long time ago. Be sure and take a float trip with 'em if you've never done a scenic *IN* GTNP. Although nice the trips south of Wilson are IMO not nearly the caliber.

My cousin, my brother, and myself also worked for the Turners. My cousin went on to found his own great but far smaller Guest Ranch. If you have kids don't crack the whip on hiking to much, let 'em ride and make friends if that's what they want.

Those are some *BURLY* Teton hikes. If you're all ultra fit great. Otherwise think Surprise & Ampitheatre Lakes, just under 10 miles roundtrip with over 3k elevation gain. Maybe Hanging Canyon if you can do real lungbusters. Since Rimrock Lake is too much for my fat and far older self Lake of the Crags has been been my favorite day hike in the park the last 20 years. Bradley and Taggart are a great half dayer and if you can do "Around the Block" taking in both of those lakes in a loop from either the Taggart Lake Trailhead or Grand Teton Climbers Ranch. Another lighter day is to hike around String Lake and add lovely little Laurel Lake. If you are really fit of course one of the classic day hikes or overnight loops of the planet is over Paintbrush Divide from Paintbrush Canyon down past Lake Solitude and out Cascade Canyon. You could also punt and just go out and back to Holly Lake, 12.4 total miles.

As much as everyone is directing you at the Tetons Toppings Lakes behind TX offers some nice fishing and a half day outing. Check bug situation for that one first. If bugs aren't bad and you're driving an SUV or something with decent clearance and want a great family outing go East of Moran to the Campground by Black Rock Ranger Station and take the Forest roads in 15 miles past Lilly and Leidy Lakes to the end of the "road" and do the 1.2 mile X 1,200' hike up Mt. Leidy where you'll enjoy arguably the greatest view of the entire Teton Range and an absolutely spectacular view of the Gros Ventre Range. If you're not comfortable with rougher roads just stop before you get to Leidy Lake. I've guided *moderate* hikes to wonderful 11,000' peaks in the Togwotee Pass and Brooks Lake areas for years. Summitpost.org's Southwest Absaroka Page will unveil much of my favorite place on earth for you. Although only 2.4 miles one way Upper Jade Lake from Brooks Lake is unequivocally one of the most spectacular lakes the entire spine of the Continental Divide. If ultra fit the Kissinger Lakes loop will far more than knock your socks off. Kids might like to hike Upper Jade because they can brag they did a short section of the CDT. You can also do a great longer hike adding Lower Jade, Upper Brooks, and Rainbow Lakes too. This is a very pleasant day with only the climb to Upper Jade of any real kind of elevation note and that is VERY moderate.

If you all are comfortable dining without showering another great hike you could do is Jackson Peak with Goodwin Lake. That's about 9.5 miles roundtrip. After the hike the town of Jackson has some great options and most everywhere is VERY casual. If you get down early you could jump in Flat Creek and rinse off some of the day's sweat. With kids I'd think Merry Piglets or Pinky G's would be best choices. However kids are allowed in the Silver Dollar Bar until 6 PM and that's my favorite place in town. Of course Dornan's Pizza and Pasta place in moose is loved to and you have one of the greatest restaurant/bar views you'll ever find.

I'll try and add a couple of pics for you. Thanks for choosing our part of the world to spend some of your vacation dollars. Have an awesome time whatever you do,








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