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Appalachian Trail thru hike


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I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2014 with my mom! I am now saving money to hike the PCT this year, and in addition to working full time (and hopefully getting an additional part time job soon!), starting graduate school, and selling a lot of my stuff, I am fundraising to come up with enough money to hike. I know everyone has a tight budget and everyone is saving for their own adventures but if I can get enough people to make a donation of half a penny for every mile I will hike on the PCT (~$12) then I can make this dream a reality! I am trying to raise $6,000 so I have plenty of money leftover after the hike to donate to a good cause. We raised $2,500 on our AT hike for Hike For Mental Health and I definitely want to help a good cause on this hike as well!

Even if you can't make a donation, share my page and my story with your friends and family and help me get the word out. I am a writer for HikeByFaith.com and you can check out my articles on their "Popeye on the AT" page and also the "Project PCT" page. I'll be continuing to blog from the PCT so everyone who has donated can be a part of my hike! Check out our facebook.com/ProjectPCT page, where there is also a link to the fundraiser. I am reaching out to the hiking community for support because I know everyone on this page can understand the desire to hike and what an empowering experience it can be. Check out my articles about my Appalachian Trail experience and help me make this dream happen!

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